Why Invest in Rwanda

Why Invest in Rwanda

                        .16% average year-on-year real GDP growth rate from 2007-2011

1. Sustained High Economic growth

  • 8.16% average year-on-year real GDP growth rate from 2007-2011, stable inflation and exchange rate
  • 3 year GDP growth rate one of the highest among African economies and neighboring countries

2. Robust Governance

3. Access to Markets

  • Market of over 10 million people with a rapidly growing middle class
  • A hub for rapidly integrating East Africa: located centrally bordering 3 countries in East Africa, part of EAC Common Market and Customers Union with market potential of over 125 million people

4. Investor Friendly Climate

5. Untapped Investment Opportunities

Potential opportunities for investment abound, particularly in the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure: Opportunities in rail, air transportation to further develop Rwanda as an EAC hub
  • Agriculture: Backbone of economy. Potential for growth through productivity and value addition
  • Energy: Power generation, off grid generation and significant methane gas, hydro and other opportunities
  • Tourism: Unique assets creating booming sector, growth potential in birding and business/conference tourism
  • Information and communication Technology: Priority sector for Vision 2020, new ICT park to be developed
  • Other attractive sectors include Real estate and construction, financial services and mining

The Rwanda Opportunity, RDB, 2019 (PDF)

For more info visit: https://rdb.rw/