The Rwandan High Commission not only facilitates the Diaspora to acquire consular documents and regularise your stay in India but also promotes and encourages the several associations run by and for the Diaspora in India; we highly value the well being, views and general interests of Rwandans in Diaspora and encourage them to contribute to the national development and image building of Rwanda.

The different community associations for Rwandans in Diaspora have been striving to promote the image of Rwanda through organisation of conventions, cultural events, conferences and business exhibitions with the support of the Rwanda High Commission to promote Rwandan Culture, unity and reconciliation among Rwandans as well as fighting genocide ideologies.

The Rwandan Diaspora community associations have managed to grasp the several roles they play in supporting Rwanda i.e. providing services and support to the Rwandan community, offering advice on critical areas like employment and education, information and support for those who need help in difficult situation, general Advice and Support for individuals or families, encouraging and supporting Rwandan youth, teaching them the language and culture and supporting developmental efforts in Rwanda.

The collaboration of Rwandans in Diaspora is important for all Rwandan nationals because it:

  • Encourages communication between members of the Diaspora e.g. sharing information about general matters affecting our social lives like immigration issues etc
  • Helps to implement aid policy,
  • Market the opportunity and promotion of investment, information on the process of starting a business in Rwanda,
  • Encouragement of youth involvement (to understand their culture/language and the importance of upholding Rwanda’s visions ,promoting the entrepreneurial  opportunities for them in Rwanda and encourage them to have a voice and be part of the policy making process
  • Updated Information on job opportunities in Rwanda is regularly provided  on the different community association websites for the Diaspora

The most prominent community associations in the India are:

  1. Tamilnadu
  2. Karnataka
  3. Punjab

The Government of Rwanda also realises the importance of the Diaspora in the development of the country please follow the link for more information. http://www.rwandandiaspora.gov.rw/